Rich African landscape painting of a typical African village scene

So I’d call this my first rich post, I mean really interesting piece together with a brief video process of the painting from beginning of the painting till the end, ‘’brief’’ no much details, you are only going to see the image as it changes but I promise you’d love the clip so watch and also enjoy the view of the interesting village scene painting officially painted by me. Online sales would be available soon so anybody viewing this piece can only view now but might not have the opportunity to purchase the piece, but real soon I would have my platform to facilitate that to make purchase simple and quick… Please these very important images should not be copied or used anywhere without my approval thanks.
As you can see the painting, it is showing the image of a typical African village scene on a sunny afternoon where two individual are standing, pots on the floor, the two huts, bushes fall behind, where the light and shadow are falling and also the view of the sky as well.

When I started this painting I initially had a reference but along the line I dropped my reference and insert some imaginative ideals, like the two people standing in front of the larger hut and cloth been spread outside showing  one of the use of sunlight in Africa, material used are acrylic paint and paper.


  1. Incredible painting!

  2. Very detailed and interesting good work Oki ibrahim

  3. Nice painting oki


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