Saturday, April 23, 2016

Connecting with other artists in Lagos

By: oki ibrahim On: 1:37 PM
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  • Good day people, hope you are all having a wonderful time, today I decided to write a post on an art event I attended, this was a very interesting and very unique event,  You'd notice artists in Nigeria do not really relate, the connection between artists are very limited, every artist around seems to be minding each other's business, like I did a personal research my self by visiting some artist around and interviewed them, asked several questions on how they often meet other artists or is there any group or platform created to bring all artist to one place, they seems to be non speaking with these artists, which is really depressing, I started thinking of a way to bring this to life, to create a unique platform to connect artist, few days later I was checking and going through my instagram timeline then I saw this artist I was following, called Foladavid, he is an artist and also a medical student he is called a celebrity artist because he happens to be close to celebrities and also really popular on intergram, he has up to about 30thousand followers, he his a portrait artist, he updated a picture on instagram, an image that contains the invention of several artists and art lovers around and even promised to pay for free 50   on quick arrival to the event, it was at a lake area to one will need a  thousand box to get in but the point was that he organized the whole event which was what I was intending, seeing this I was really happy I thought of working with him already, I was present at the event and several artist as well, it was really impressive and unique, I think this is a fresh start for new art in Nigeria, where artists can be recognized and respected for our creativity, I meet a lot of very unique art piece and I had other artists comment about my works as well, several top musicians were present at the event. 

    Sunday, March 6, 2016

    water colour landscapes.

    By: oki ibrahim On: 7:50 AM
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  • Good day visitors i hope you all are having a wonderful time, weeks back i promised to complete a collection of landscape water colour painting which i was working on and decided to put them up for sale.

    happily for me i have completed the pieces and they are available for sale in my personal online store, am just going to briefly talk about some of the piece here one after the other and provide the url that will lead you to my store so you can order for anyone of your favorite. link to store

    colorful lake 8/12inch
     I decided to name this one colorful lake because it is more or less like an impression painted with water color, i decided to paint a main land where there is one tree with yellow red leaves and a lake beside it, the refection of every thing on the land is appearing on the lake from the tree to the to the color of the environment. looking at the piece it looks really vibrant because of the color flow which is the more reason why i personally enjoyed it after the completion of the painting.

    peaceful distance 8/12inch
    Very simple and detailed right? this certainly is a quiet environment, and quiet environments are always very peaceful, you find only one family in places like this, before i stared the piece i knew exactly what i wanted to depict do i made sure i apply my paint as simple and as scanty as possible, the reason why i personally like this piece is the simplicity of the piece, i hope you enjoy it as well.

    abandoned 8/12inch
    this particular piece is a monochrome water color painting which is depicting an abandoned canoe in an equally abandoned environment.

    distance 8/12inch
    In art distance is a very interesting topic, it is what we know as perceptive, the more far it get the smaller it appears , and the closer the bigger, this seem to be an interesting aspect of life, in this painting i try to show perspective but not just that but something beautiful , a cross road with a very colorful sky and a lake under the cross road.

    Monday, February 8, 2016

    Watercolour Landscape collections will be available from 25 February.

    By: oki ibrahim On: 11:17 PM
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  • Hello there, this is my first blog post this new year, thank God for everyone of us that are able to breath this new year and still have hope for better days to come as we live in good health wealth.

    This is a new year, i have have been practicing art for years now and sold very few works of mine, today am happy that i have reached another level in Art generally, from my pencil works to my paintings and i have been inspired by several artist like yusuf grillo, jonathan Kwegyir aggrey, biodun omolayo and some other very talented artist have meet and studied their works, it is time for me to take another step , so i decided to take a whole different approach towards marketing my art, though nothing different specifically but i think that art should also be treated with enough respect like music, comedy etc.., an artist too has a life to live , money to put things in place, there are very limited art blogs online especially in Africa here that's one of the reason why am building my own to inspire other artist to come online and reach out to people with word that will sell their art, I am officially selling 10 new water colour landscape painting that will be available from 25 of February in my online gallery and some other store online to facilitate easy purchase and delivery , these paintings are all painted by me , this will be the first series of painting i will be selling, and this is the method i will be using to market my works as time goes on, these works will only be posted in the stores and my gallery. imagine what your living room, offices and bed room will look like with a very interesting water colour painting. so save up to pick one or two paining at affordable price, all original works no prints, from 25 of February, thank you!!