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Connecting with other artists in Lagos

Good day people, hope you are all having a wonderful time, today I decided to write a post on an art event I attended, this was a very interesting and very unique event,  You'd notice artists in Nigeria do not really relate, the connection between artists are very limited, every artist around seems to be minding each other's business, like I did a personal research my self by visiting some artist around and interviewed them, asked several questions on how they often meet other artists or is there any group or platform created to bring all artist to one place, they seems to be non speaking with these artists, which is really depressing, I started thinking of a way to bring this to life, to create a unique platform to connect artist, few days later I was checking and going through my instagram timeline then I saw this artist I was following, called Foladavid, he is an artist and also a medical student he is called a celebrity artist because he happens to be close to celebrities …

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