Painting of Ewa (beauty)

Hello visitors ,if you are new on my blog , I gladly want to thank you for taking few minutes of your precious time to check out some of my art piece, the internet has connected the whole world together, people seems closer, every thing seems to be at the tip of our finger tip, so as a piece of art, several artist like me has as well take advantage of this opportunity to reach out to people differently and still maintain the value of what it is to creatively create something with our God given hands and mind, a piece of art work is meant to convey a specific meaning, to the viewer which is been created by the artist, the moods  of the piece conveys something as well as the colour and the specific figure or object on a painting or drawing,

here is the painting from my previous blog post which i initially started and promise to post the finished piece after the completion of it, and here it is , the full monochrome painting  named (EWA) ''Ewa'' is a Yoruba word which means beauty, looking at the piece you will see a young woman i painted using one Color which we normally call monochrome and in different tones (chiaroscuro) from the darkest part of blue to the lightest part of blue. i completed the piece in two day , spent up to about an hour on both days to achieve it, i personally really enjoy this painting because of the freedom of using one colour to capture a figure to express a specific meaning.

(Ewa), acrylic on acrylic paper

Talking about ewa, (beauty) is an important phenomenon in human life that cannot be ignored. Even the skeptics and the agnostics are at breast with this term. Just as one hears of Greek philosophy, Indian philosophy, African philosophy we also hear of Aesthetics, that is the study of beauty. This could either be from Western, Eastern or African perspectives. This tends to suggest that like philosophy, Beauty is culture- relative or relative to culture, and to express true beauty i decided to paint a female because complete beauty can be seen in a woman.


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