monochrome painting (EWA - BEAUTY)

One interesting thing about painting is that the freedom is unlimited, with the brush and paint everything just seems perfect, lately have been working on some painting and as well as working twice as hard to set up my online gallery so can officially start marketing my works online.

here is a monochrome painting i started a while ago, i haven't completed it but i want you to feel the process and the staring point before i post the full paining here, personally i think paining with one colour in different tones , which is from the lightness of the particular colour to the darkest part of it makes the painting real and interesting to the sight.

 before starting the painting i piratically wanted to make it an imaginative painting because i really don't want to spend much time on it, some times i just get in the mood of putting something down but then i saw a reference of a pencil work i did sometimes ago so i decided to use the reference , i just wanted the face of  woman on the painting so i paid less attention to the remembrance though the resemblance was there due to the fact that i could not formulate certain things but i am really enjoying this work let me take a pause then resume later... here is the painting , not fulling done yet. any comment?



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