Art and pencil

I meet someone today, this person actually came to my studio and after going trough my works, he asked me why i actually have more pencil works than paintings, and he went straight to say,” can’t you afford the paints”, i took a deep breath and smiled, and i said no that is not it, i told him the thing is  “i was actually taking my time” that painting is something i do quite well, but i just choose to take a brake and face pencil and pen actually, to train my hand up to a certain level of perfection, this days i know artist that make use of certain methods to perfect their works, example are artist that go as far as actually printing the picture of someone to get their portrait done, and this is how that works, you print the picture to a larger size and trace it on the surface you want to make your painting or your pencil work, and you start working like that, “cool” right, i simply call that laziness, art is like an interpreted imagination even when you are drawing from a reference, the lines, traces, and all should come from inside, it should be like you are drawing from a life reference and we all know there are no room for tracing, so you see as an artist, our magic is our hand, training my hand is one thing i would do for a while before i start painting again and other things. Which am almost done with, because i think i have really improved, my hands are now faster, more accurate and all, so i would be painting real soon.


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