My moment with Jonathan Kwegyir Aggrey.

hello wonderful people thanks once again for viewing my blog and for some of the encouraging words.

I could not just wait to write an article about  Jonathan Kwegyir Aggrey after attending his exhibition at Biodun omolayo's Art gallery and also having a brief conversation with him, so today i decided to write briefly on what i feel about his art, he is an incredible artist from Ghana, and to be sincere  he has really changed at lot about me since i meet him, basically my perspective as a growing artist.

 according to  Jonathan Kwegyir Aggrey he makes art in several art mediums but most of his works are watercolor painting which i personally find really interesting , i was opportune  to see several of his watercolor  paintings and i was really moved, these works were very detailed, unique and very different from what i have been seeing as a growing artist, here is my favorite piece among many more of his paintings. click here to see more of his paintings 
Leisure activity  16 x 22 inches Watercolour


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