Blue pen sketch (Art)

Hello audience, thanks for visiting my blog. today i decided to update something on my blog, i first thought of posting my recent paintings but decided not to share them yet for personal reasons, but real soon i will surely show them here. This is a portrait of a little baby with a really funny facial expression, i achieved using ordinary pen and a sketch paper, using pen to draw is a little uneasy because here there is no room for correcting mistakes unlike pencil where you can easily control the thickness of the lines when you start drawing, here you have to be very careful, focused and also pay attention to every detail, when using pen to shade using the cross hatching method of shading is much more acceptable and common, some other artist make use of pointillism but cross hatching will give you a more interesting work of art using pen, talking about how long it took me to complete this drawing? really short, i spent just 4hours. the magic is, with pen you apply once so been careful in your application and following the right steps the job is going to come out exactly the way you want it.  


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