Watercolour Landscape collections will be available from 25 February.

Hello there, this is my first blog post this new year, thank God for everyone of us that are able to breath this new year and still have hope for better days to come as we live in good health wealth.

This is a new year, i have have been practicing art for years now and sold very few works of mine, today am happy that i have reached another level in Art generally, from my pencil works to my paintings and i have been inspired by several artist like yusuf grillo, jonathan Kwegyir aggrey, biodun omolayo and some other very talented artist have meet and studied their works, it is time for me to take another step , so i decided to take a whole different approach towards marketing my art, though nothing different specifically but i think that art should also be treated with enough respect like music, comedy etc.., an artist too has a life to live , money to put things in place, there are very limited art blogs online especially in Africa here that's one of the reason why am building my own to inspire other artist to come online and reach out to people with word that will sell their art, I am officially selling 10 new water colour landscape painting that will be available from 25 of February in my online gallery and some other store online to facilitate easy purchase and delivery , these paintings are all painted by me , this will be the first series of painting i will be selling, and this is the method i will be using to market my works as time goes on, these works will only be posted in the stores and my gallery. imagine what your living room, offices and bed room will look like with a very interesting water colour painting. so save up to pick one or two paining at affordable price, all original works no prints, from 25 of February, thank you!! 


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