water colour landscapes.

Good day visitors i hope you all are having a wonderful time, weeks back i promised to complete a collection of landscape water colour painting which i was working on and decided to put them up for sale.

happily for me i have completed the pieces and they are available for sale in my personal online store, am just going to briefly talk about some of the piece here one after the other and provide the url that will lead you to my store so you can order for anyone of your favorite. link to store http://goo.gl/4YMfA6

colorful lake 8/12inch
 I decided to name this one colorful lake because it is more or less like an impression painted with water color, i decided to paint a main land where there is one tree with yellow red leaves and a lake beside it, the refection of every thing on the land is appearing on the lake from the tree to the to the color of the environment. looking at the piece it looks really vibrant because of the color flow which is the more reason why i personally enjoyed it after the completion of the painting.

peaceful distance 8/12inch
Very simple and detailed right? this certainly is a quiet environment, and quiet environments are always very peaceful, you find only one family in places like this, before i stared the piece i knew exactly what i wanted to depict do i made sure i apply my paint as simple and as scanty as possible, the reason why i personally like this piece is the simplicity of the piece, i hope you enjoy it as well.

abandoned 8/12inch
this particular piece is a monochrome water color painting which is depicting an abandoned canoe in an equally abandoned environment.

distance 8/12inch
In art distance is a very interesting topic, it is what we know as perceptive, the more far it get the smaller it appears , and the closer the bigger, this seem to be an interesting aspect of life, in this painting i try to show perspective but not just that but something beautiful , a cross road with a very colorful sky and a lake under the cross road.


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