purpose for creating my art blog.

               Welcome to my blog, if you are new here i hope you have been able to view all my past posts and art works, now i want to use this opportunity to remind everybody around the world viewing my blog the purpose for creating this blog and a little into my future plan.

           I want to use this blog to reach out to the world by displaying my works, and all works includes my paintings, sketches and some other works in different art medium and i might post pictures as well and a little update on Nigeria and Africa art,, i love taking pictures a lot.. landscape pictures and different kinds so even artist like me can pick up references here, i know you would wonder why i have not putting everything i just wrote here, the answers is "am taking my time", Like i said on my "about me" i am still a student and to be honest i am not in any art school yet, i am actually studying french language currently... i will be done with that any time soon.
              I know you would have this on your my mind "this guy should be making his cash now" i should probably start selling my works.. yeah i get that a lot, but one thing i know for sure is that there is time for every thing, there are still a lot i need to learn, example "how to hold the pencil" lol you really need to see the way i handle pencil when am drawing, most artist i know laugh at me but yeah i'm better than most of them yet, i thank God for that.
          I am not going to sell anything here on my blog, am only going to post write ups and my art works, when am ready to market my works i will create an official site for that, if you really like any work and probably you want to have it, email me okiibrahimabiola@gmail.com we would talk personally and for sure you are going to get the work.


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