African girl

For a while now have not updated my blog, am sorry for that, i had to put so many things in place but now am back to displaying my works as i make them, i have so much piece on ground yet to be posted as i gradually walk into my art career to become the best i can be because in art there is no limit to the kind of creativity one can achieve as an artist, i do not just want draw or paint and wait for some collector or just sell, i want to be different , i want to communicate as well as create value for my works as well beacuse all an art piece needs is the value, for it to be seen not just as an item but as something that should connect our souls together, something that gives meaning and reshapes the society.

here is a realistic piece of an African girl i started working on few hours ago, the medium is charcoal  on paper, as you can see its coming out real, as soon as i complete the piece i'd post it straight away.


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