completion of African girl (charcoal)

Drawing with charcoal can be a little messy but the shining black and softness of the material makes using charcoal very interesting and chilling, before i started this piece initially wanted to make use of pencil but changed my mind because of the reference i used to make the drawing , the reference was really dark due to where and when the image was taken.

What inspired me to make this portrait is not just for the purpose of making a portrait of a little African girl but the expression of the face of the girl, one can relate a lot from her looks, if i frame this piece i want who ever would purchase it to visualize and read a specific meaning out of this piece, what i see personally is a girl who is unhappy, we all know whats happening in the African society of today with underage girls been maltreated and so took me just 4 hours in two days to complete the piece and its a 10 by 12 inches portrait.


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